imbolcImbolc, one of the cross-quarter days, arrives on Monday, February 2nd, 2015. It is the midway point between Yule and Ostara. The word “Imbolc” (also spelled “Imbolg”) means “in the belly”.

At this turn of the Wheel Of The Year, we start to think about Spring, which is just around the corner. Down deep in the Earth, life is beginning to stir. Even when there may be snow on the ground, we feel the visualization of all things green and growing start to take form.  You may see daffodils start to push up out of the ground. There are many ways to celebrate this Sabbat.

Set your altar up with white, green and red candles.

Honor the Goddess Brighid.

Bake up some great Imbolc foods.

Perform an End of Winter meditation

Many traditions do Dedications on Imbolc. This could be a time to do a solitary dedication or re-dedication.