Eye Of Nuit Online Shop

Eye Of NuitI’m SO excited to announce the opening of the (LONG AWAITED!) online shop for Eye Of Nuit! I’ve been working on this site for nearly a year now, and finally have it up and running. Ever since my physical store front closed in March of 2013, I’ve wanted to create an online store for EON. This site will eventually replace Pagan Stuff Cheap as the online store for my business.

I built this site from the ground up, and it’s gone through many metamorphoses since it’s inception in October of 2011. It began as an online home to my store front, where I would announce events that were happening at the store, showcase new product, or just talk about all things witchy and wiccan. Now, with a new logo, and a fresh new look, I’m OVER THE MOON with excitement at this new phase for Eye Of Nuit!

comodoAs with anything new, there may be a few quirks and kinks to work out. One thing you don’t have to be concerned about is this: Eye of Nuit takes your security very seriously. We’ve installed an SSL certificate on this entire site so that you can shop with confidence! PayPal is our preferred method of payment. With PayPal, you only need a credit card to complete your check out process. Your transactions with us are safe, and secure!

As always, questions and comments are always welcome. Just use the “Contact Us” section on the website and I’ll answer as soon as possible!

Here is just a small preview of what we have to offer. You can click on any of the pictures below to be taken to that product category. Once there, you may browse the entire catalog of amazing products! You may also choose from the categories over on the right to be taken to our store. Happy Shopping!