The Garden Of Your Mind

Tree of ThoughtsThinking thoughts, picturing scenarios, daydreaming, conversations with self, conversations with others, conversations with the Universe. What have you planted in the deep recesses of your mind lately?

Our thoughts represent different flowers, plants, and trees in our mind. Not the type of flowers, plants and trees that we see in every day life. No, these are much different. But the analogy is important.

The beauty of a flower garden, the life force of a crop of vegetables, the majesty of mountains filled with thousands of trees that provide food, shelter, and oxygen – these things bring abundance and joy to us.

If you’ve ever said something to the effect that ‘I don’t have a green thumb’, you’ve got to change that mindset quick-like!

Why? Because we ALL possess the ability to grow something beautiful. Even if you wilt a peony just by looking at it, that doesn’t mean that you can’t manifest beauty in your life.

Napoleon Hill said it best in his book, “Think and Grow Rich”:

What the mind can conceive and believe,

it can achieve.

Be mindful of the thoughts that go through your mind each day. Where is your focus? What do you THINK? Do you find yourself processing negative thoughts and imagery? If so, here’s an easy exercise to help you:

Take that negative thought, and picture the exact words in your mind. (Here’s where visualization is key) For example, let’s say you find yourself thinking about how you don’t have enough money to pay the bills. Now spell out EVERY letter of that thought.

In the image below, I’ve spelled out “I can’t pay the bills”.

Once you’ve spelled it out, put a BIG red circle around it with a diagonal line through it. Like this:



You’ve now BANNED that thought from your mind. But… that’s not where you’ll stop! You want to replace that thought with something positive. Replace “I CAN’T” with “I CAN“, and put that baby into an image in your mind of a flowering garden or a beautiful oak tree.



Make this part of your daily routine. With time, effort, and resolve – you CAN start turning your mind into a beautiful garden full of amazing things that will manifest in your life!

The way I see it, negative thoughts are nothing short of BULLSHIT. They are the lies and smelly crap we literally drop at our own doorstep each day. And how many times have you walked out your door only to step in a steaming pile of the SHIT you planted there yourself? Hmm? Think about it. No, really. THINK about it. And then grab your pooper scooper and CLEAN UP YOUR LIFE! 😀

I highly recommend this book, and it’s available in both book and Kindle form on Amazon:

Let’s discuss! Tell me about your negative thoughts, and how you’re learning to turn them into a GARDEN OF POSITIVENESS!

Until the next Mojo Moment,